The Team

Our team is growing fast. Make contact with us if you would like to work on some of the most exciting technology on the planet

Gary Ng is the Tech Executive and startup founder with more than 10 years of experiences in various
industries including AI, Blockchain, and 3D. As the CEO of Noosphere, Gary Ng has full responsibility for business development and operations.
Gary Ng
Chief Executive Officer
Ryder is the project leader with strong experience in the IT industry for about 18 years. He is also
the founder of WavyMap, CTO on IKKI and Gini. Ryder has full responsibility for product development of each shard and Noosphere in general. He manages the team to ensure that Noosphere software shall be developed based on the high-level of the standard.
Ryder Lee
Chief Technical Officer
Daniel is an Open Source Software Evangelist and Cloud Solutions Architect. Daniel has been working for
different enterprises including IBM, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. In Noosphere team, he is mainly responsible for the cloud development and EBS shard.
Daniel Wang
Cloud Architect
Edward is the leader of our Software engineering team. He will bring structure and ensure the highest-quality
end product, using his experience from large tech companies (e.g. Funmobile Ltd, Topgo Technology Ltd).
Edward Siu
Technical Lead
Yuan Zhang Hu has over 6 years of experience in team management and web development as a Senior
Software Engineer. Here in Noosphere, Yuan Zhang is working on the development of different shards and also R&D tasks, as well as implementing open-source technologies into Noosphere Software.
Software Developer
Yihao has been in the industry since 2016. Graduated from the Ohio State University majoring in
Visual Communication Design (B.S). He was used to intern in T-Mall Design Department of Alibaba-Hangzhou. In Noosphere, he is mainly responsible for product’s UI construction and Interaction.
Yihao Zhang
UI/UX Designer
Tiao Ming graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013 with a degree in Master of Computer
Applications and he is CTO at PCTECH networks (USA). In Noosphere, Tiao Ming is responsible for Full-Stack development,optimization of infrastructure processes and R&D working on the DDAP shard specifically.
Tian Ming
Software Developer
Tony is involved in building cryptocurrency trader bots and AI strategy making. In Noosphere,
Tony Hu Tong is working in the DDAP Shard project team. His efforts are focused on the design and construction of the core features of this shard.
Tony Hu Tong
Software Engineer
MBA in business administration and management. Over 10 years of software development and data
science experience. Responsible for cyber security in the development of the Loki shard: threat modelling and coding in general.
Software Engineer
Jin Yin is a high-class engineer, introducing the newest development methods, modules and features to us.
In Noosphere project team,he is working on decentralization with its implementation in different shards.
Jin Yin
Software Engineer
Eugene is great at working on React.js and mobile developer and has 8 years long experience in the field
of Software Engineering. In Noosphere, Eugene is focusing on UI\UX as a front-end developer in several shards.
Eugene Zheng
Software Developer
Hui Tik Ho graduated from The Open University of Hong Kong then worked for PCCW and FXCM before joining
Noosphere team. His efforts mainly focus on the low-level design and ensure abidance by the modern standards of information security in the blockchain. He is also responsible for the Loki shard.
Hui Tik Ho
Software Developer
Xin Zhang has the experience for about 8 years in software development as a passionate blockchain engineer,
who has worked with Nokia and Kingsoft. Zhangxin is participating in the development side of several shards including Root, EBS and Loki.
Zhangxin Chen
Blockchain Engineer
Chang Jie Lin is responsible for community management and technical support of the community.
She has worked for OKEX and Ledger Capital, where she received valuable experience that can be applied at Noosphere.
Chang Jie Lin
Community Growth Manager
Gwangri is a Full Stack Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience. Gwangri has a master degree
in computer science and now is responsible for Full Stack development. Gwangri is mainly working on the DDAP shard.
Gwangri An
Software Developer
Dan Tolman is a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer with over 7 years of practical experience in software
development. He is also the Front-end developer who is responsible for UX/UI. He is primarily working on the EBS shard.
Dan Tolman
Software Developer
Asai Yuki has over 10 years of experience in the industry. As an experienced engineer. He works on
pro-active quality assurance in several shards and core algorithms on our blockchain platform. His bots and agents are used to detect vulnerabilities and imitate typical threats.
Asai Yuki
Smart Contract Developer
Tony has deep knowledge in business development on IT industry. He is effectively able to manage multiple
business-critical activities and tasks and has strong experience working with government bodies and expert in Mergers & Acquisitions.
Tony Lam Hak Ming
Business Development Manager